Arparla presents a concert where Music is placed alongside the other ancient Liberal arts of Classical Times: Architecture and Rhetoric.

Contextualising music within an architectural space means literally or virtually, in this case, travelling through the narrative of a performance. What is common in all the Liberal Arts is the use of expressive codes of communication. 

Davide Monti, violinist who has performed at WWAF since 2011, and Maria Christina Cleary, harp, are driven by the desire to reproduce today an energy, as Cicero said, that moves, teaches and delights. 

Arparla, Davide Monti, violin and Maria Christina Cleary on harp, present a concert from the extraordinary 16th century Villa Verità Fraccaroli outside Verona in Italy. They will perform a variety of musical works by composers including Uccellini, Schmelzer, Trabaci, Leonarda, Döbel, Böddecker where music mirrors the historical architectural spaces.