Improvisation is a skill that more and more people want to learn: confronting the fear of empty space, stylistic issues, and the difficulties of achieving Good Taste while expressing ourselves.

This Course in Music Improvisation wishes to accompany musicians in their journey of discovery, gradually and personally, focusing on historical elements as well as the modern-day psychological aspects, giving a solid foundation for any sort of future stylistic studies.

The result is not only about being able to add a few notes to an existing score.
The major goal of the improviser is:
- to become aware of the connection between performing and composing.
- to become flexible and prepared in the communicative dynamics within an ensemble.
- to improve our capacity to communicate that which we wish to express.

For this reason the Course on Improvisation would like to give everybody the possibility to express themselves, employing the expressive codes which the course will give specific insights into. The broad range of supporting “parallel” arts/subjects, aim to facilitate the opening of the mind and to provide one with valuable resources, which can be adopted and used in one's general communication strategies.


Davide e Maria joined in Switzerland from the 9th to the 12th of July 2015 an International Conference on Improvisation organised by ISIM (International Society for Improvised Music), presenting the historical approach to improvisation to the Iternational communiti of modern improviser.