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Here I am back from a wonderful experience with Tafelmusik.
I spent some really exciting days in Toronto, with some beautiful people in a serene and very professional setting.
The days were full of meetings (and parties) not only evidently with the musicians, but also the office staff, and even some newly made friends not connected with the project at all. It is incredible how a system of human relationships lead to new doors and new exciting encounters.  
The work was challenging as there were a lot of pieces to prepare for the concert and also the staging and timing with the actor (the fantastic Alessandro Bressanello), all just in 2 and a half days of rehearsal. I believe the result was excellent, even if I love to work and prepare with more days usual, in order to know my collegues better, and achieve a more brilliant performance. And I think that Tafelmusik knows this very well, being used to perform some of their programmes by heart.

Here is the website of the group