How can we explain the processes in which we transform our movement (as musicians) into a concept?

Tonight, I wasn't able to sleep for an hour, and one of my thoughts was about music. How to describe the process in which I start to make a movement when I perform and how I produce a sound following from the movement, and how this sound has a meaning for the audience. I find it fasinating the idea that your movement is in three dimensions, and it is also able to communicate a meaning. In the moment you produce a sound there is also an effect of three dimensions, but it is completely different. We have to be able to transform the three dimensions of the movement into a flexible sound. The sound becomes a "virtual" movable sculpture: and it is rich in meaning. And it is always richer if we are conscious of this process, and that we are able to calibrate every single moment (and movement) of our performance.
That's why the two dimentions of a score are definitely not enough.