Davide teaches at the Conservatory of Verona, various summer courses, and at the International School of Improvisation, helicona.it.

Conservatorio E. F. Dall'Abaco Verona, Italy offers:

  • Bachelor (‘Triennio accademico di I livello ordinamentale’). Click HERE.
  • Masters (‘Biennio accademico di II livello ordinamentale’). CLick HERE.


The violin course focusses on the music of the 17th and 18th centuries and the beginning of 19th century with a specific attention to discover the Theory of Affect represented in the compositions and techniques to express the figures of Musical Rhetorics. Students are expected to bring their own music considering any repertoire but are most welcome with original scores.

Entrance exams usually in June; the academic year begins on November 1 in Italy. Click HERE
Read more about the Department of Early Music situated in the beautiful 19th century Casa Boggian.
Verona Conservatory also offers packets of 15 hours of lessons ("Corsi liberi"), which can be taken regularly throughout the academic year, or in any other combination. Enrolment is subject to participation in at least two internal conservatory projects.
17-23 August 2020, Czech Republic, Kunin (near Ostrava) http://www.hudebnilahudky.cz/?lang=en 17