.... the ultimate level!

This project is designed by the Helicona Project to help and develop communication strategies on a high level; these strategies are known in Business as "soft skills" and they refer to the promptness, clarity and efficacy of the energy used in communication.

What gives guarantee for the success of this idea?

The fact of using horses to train in communication is challenging our skills in order to understand what are the best conditions, to look for the best intention, and to use the best tools to deliver our communication. AND THIS IS FUNDAMENTAL FOR A MUSICIAN, but not only.

In fact this project is engaging on a high level also the horse-riders to refine their listening and properly respond.

This Project has been possible thanks to the Haute Ecole de Musique in Geneve CH, and Emmanuelle Dupraz from Les Hauts de Corsinge in Menier CH.

You may find more information at the link below.